stories from underneath

The project is a series of site-specific intervention and an iteration of a similar action that was carried out for the first time in the abandoned factory Rižarna in Ljubljana and the second time in the Old Bakery in Velenje, another variation of the work was also intervening the spaces of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

The old rice factory is an abandoned building with its history erased and its content robbed. The exhibition Rice factory Marihuana -2017 was set in the basement space of the building where the factory bar used to be located.

Despite the long absences of users and the bad shape of the rooms were in, there were still some clues left behind of what the place used to be. The stories were hiding in small details left under the bar and other corners and crannies of the abandoned complex.

Abandoned spaces lose the story that was meant for them, emptied they start to change and they get a new functional value. The old bakery in Velenje, that was once filled with the smell of bread and pastry, is now inhabited by culture, youth, and art, that covered the tracks of its former users. Despite all these changes, the details of the buildings' entire history are still hiding in the corners. It is hard to know if someone misses the objects that remain as reminders of a different time and situation, different relations, groups and individuals that used to use or still use, these facilities.

Material: various found objects were found at each specific location, painted plastic vitrines (recycled packaging), led light and batteries.

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