2020 — 2022

closed studio

My residency at the Open Studio in DobraVaga Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia) started in December 2020. Normally, the studio is open to the public, and visitors of the gallery have a chance to observe the artists as they work. However, due to the current circumstances, the gallery and the studio space were closed, making the studio space inaccessible. But I decided not to give up the residency and try to show the public that I am somehow still working in this studio. I built a different mindset around the space where I can work, I created a mental studio - a place where everything and nothing is possible at the same time. The shift from physical space to mental space made me think about ways to show this kind of a place and work in progress in a public and so digital space. I started to "work" in the studio without letting the public know that I can not physically access the space. The gallery gave me access to their accounts on social media, so I became primarily a resident of their digital spaces. This allowed me to present the false situations that were supposed to be happening in the studio. I used photos available from previous residents of this space and created digital collages and animations.

As part of the three-month residency, I created and posted stories and, in collaboration with the gallery team, they contributed weekly descriptions of these situations.

More on Instagram under #zaprtiatelje or on DobraVaga profile.

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