the chorus of conflicts

The Chorus of Conflicts

(2023, interactive performative installation)

Exploring domestic arguing and how we inherited it from our parents and close family circles has been a personal journey. As I delved into this research and began developing this project, I found that people across the globe tend to argue in very similar ways. It has led me to reflect on our communication patterns, highlighting how our upbringing shapes our identity and subtly but extensively influences our relationships.

Within the context of a karaoke setting, participants become performers singing phrases commonly used in arguments. These sentences are displayed on the screen, set to the backdrop of familiar melodies of international nursery rhymes. This juxtaposition reveals the scripted, hollow, repetitive and absurd nature of conflicts.

"The Chorus of Conflicts" challenges the established conventions of family disagreements, recognizing that unresolved arguments can harbor unspoken tensions that, if left unaddressed, may escalate into more significant issues, potentially leading to violence. By providing a platform for these arguments to transition from a private sphere into the spotlight, this work invites viewers to reflect on their own way of arguing.

Ultimately, this project celebrates complex relations between harmony and conflict, both fundamental parts of our shared human experience.

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