the lost souls of the www

While interconnectedness of the WWW users is really breaking the boundaries of information exchange and making everything as close as one click or swipe, it is also creating big gaps between people, in relationships and even in self-awareness.

Perception of ourselves is now digital. Our memory is digital and our identity is somewhere between bits, bytes and virtual reality. We can call it the memory machine, we slowly put our personal stories, our autobiographies into it, we feed the machine and in return, we get nothing but this urge to feed it even more.

‘’We can no longer keep the lid on the shoebox we used to store in our attic; its pictorial contents will increasingly spill out into the virtual corners of the World Wide Web, where it seamlessly blends in with our collective pictorial heritage. Once again, pictures of life will become living pictures-even if unwittingly.’’

Jose van Dijck, Mediated Memories in the Digital Age, 2007

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