2015 — 2017

prikrojeni spomini

Prikrojeni spomini (Altered Memories) is a project that consists of a series of five paintings and an artist's book.

Researching the reliance on memory and what can influence it; mainly what effect photographs have on the image of memory, was the start of the project. It is based on scientific findings on the subject of memory and also on my personal experience with memory recollection

Trough a personal experiment in which I was searching for personal memories, that were affected by photographs from my family album, I found altered memories which were the basis for the process of making the artwork.

"To call up the past in the form of an image, we must be able to withdraw ourselves from the action of the moment, we must have the power to value the useless, we must have the will to dream."

Henri BERGSON, Matter and Memory, 1896

artist's book: Prikrojeni spomini/Altered Mmemories

As a part of the project Prikrojeni spomini (Altered Memories), I created an artist's book that was formally inspired by the family photo album, It consists of sketches that were made before I looked up the original photographs from the photo album and further depictions (alterations) of 5 altered memories in graphic techniques (digital collage, dry needle). The books cover is hand-painted based on the recollection of the actual cover of the original family photo album.

series of paintings: Prikrojeni spomini/Altered Memories

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