from birth to byte

From Birth to Byte: A Generative Lifescape

(2024, interactive installation)

"From Birth to Byte: A Generative Lifescape" immerses viewers in an exploration of life's stages, blending technology with human experiences. It delves into themes of collective memory, the dynamics of personal and shared narratives, and the complex relationship between privacy, social media, and the evolving digital landscape.

Across eight interactive nodes, a diverse array of personal, raw social media narratives is presented, showcasing the spectrum of human life from birth to death. These narratives capture everything from ordinary moments to significant milestones and unforeseen challenges. Accompanying the visual journey, soundscapes prompt introspective questions, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own life stories.

The installation uses monitors and webcams to create an environment where simply being present triggers interaction. The visual appearance of videos alters in real time, reflecting the emotional responses of the audience. At its core, the installation evolves through a subtle exchange of emotional data between viewers and the algorithm. This dynamic exchange of data crafts a unique experience for each user and a collective digital memory mirroring our shared human experience.

As viewers move through the installation, their collective emotional responses shape an evolving narrative. This path, marked by individual introspection and global consciousness, transforms the artwork into a living, participatory entity. The installation becomes a lifescape that evolves with its audience, reflecting the fluid nature of our existence in a digital age.

Authors: Dalea Kovačec & Marko Damiš

Project was produced and first presented for the Izmir Mediterranean Biennial: Looking at the Same Water, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in collaboration with K2 Contemporary Art Center.

The project was executed with the help of Mario Dobaj, Dilay Öğmen, Vita Tušek and Ümit Özmen and co-produced by Institute 127 and Projekt Atol Institute.

Photos and videos of the installation setup: Çağrı Sarıgil, courtesy of the artists

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