Dalea Kovačec (1993) graduated with BA thesis Altered Memories at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, where she is completing her master's degree. While her graduate studies, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw as part of a study exchange (2015/16). In the year 2018, she received the University of Ljubljana, ALUO award for a series of works in various media, and this year she was nominated for the OHO Group Award.

In her artistic practice, she explores the relationships between memory and medium in different social contexts through various media. While developing artworks she collaborates with local communities and professionals from different fields and while presenting/exhibiting she likes to organize workshops and lectures revolving around the topics the artwork touches.



2021, Mind Projectios

Osmo/za, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2021, Reminiscences of Hiding II

space for art KiBela, Maribor, Slovenia

2021, Closed Studio

Gallery DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, Reminiscences of Hiding

GalerijaGallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, Dalea Kovačec: Until the End of Memory

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

2018, Dalea Kovačec: Altered Diaries, Artist per month

DobraVaga, Ljubljana


2021, Internet Yami-Ichi

Central market Ljubljana, Slovenia

2021, OHO Young Visual Artist Award 2021 - The exhibition of the nominees

P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2021, Fresh Fish: #newwave

Gallery DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2021, Studiolo

WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2021, Different, great. Young Artists 2020

Gallery ZDSLU, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2020, Fresh Fish: Drawing

DobraVaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, Another Time and Space

Improper Walls, Vienna, Austria


National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, A time of concurrence, a time of boredom, a time beyond temporality

Gallery Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, AIR4 [100 artists] [100 artworks],

Ravnikar Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2019, Made in China: Successes And Failures

Photon Gallery, Wien, Austria

2018, Made in China: Goods and Services

Spike Art Quarterly - Project space, Berlin, Nemčija

2018, So-delo-vanje

Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana

2018, Made in China: Authentic Slovenian Art in Belgium

WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

2018, SWEET COLOURS, Lighting Guerrilla

Cukrarna palace, under the Fabiani bridge, Ljubljana

2018, Re: generacije

artKIT KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenija

2018, S01E01

Galerija 7:069, Project space Rabid Pigeon, Stara pekarna, Velenje, Slovenija

2018, Abstrakcija je na koncu tvoje cone udobja

Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2018, Forgetmenot/Spominčica

Modri Kot, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2018, Papirologija II

Media nox, Maribor, Slovenija

2018, Guest performances

Open Studio, Krakovo, Poljska

2017, △

Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2017, Papirologija

Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2017, Tovarna Rižarna Marihuana

Tovarna Rižarna, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2017, Razstava študentov ALUO

FDV, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2017, Mlada ženska umetnost v Šiški 1. del

GalerijaGGallery, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2017, Utelesenje

Equrna, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2016, Južna

Petkovškovo nabrežje, Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2016, Dvoriščno okno

Škuc, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2015, Vse študentska obštudijska razstava

Vakuum, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2014, Neskončnost zvoka

Vajkard, Grad Snežnik, Kozarišče, Slovenija

2013, Razstava projekta: Europe chooses choice theory

Kurilnica, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2013, Svetovna konferenca Europe chooses choice theory, prodajna razstava

Hotel Kompas, Bled, Slovenija

2013, Empatija

Vajkard, Grad Snežnik, Kozarišče, Slovenija