reminiscences of hiding

Within this project, I am exploring the aspects of safety, the questions of growing up and the impact of fear, in connection with the intimate playing spaces that we seek out and create as children.

The physical reconstruction of these places from the past was done in a similar way as past events and images are reconstructed mentally. Memory itself is a mental reconstruction of events, where we try to compose a past image, with elements available to us in the present. In this project, as in my previous ones, I am focusing on the changes that occur during this memory reconstruction process. I am interested in the relationship between the physical changes of a given object or space, and the mental changes in the perception of this transformation through time.

Our body is changing in the process of growing up; if we entered a room identical to the one we grew up in today if we would travel through time and space, the change in our bodies alone would also change our perception of this space, e.g. everything would seem smaller. We would feel as if space has changed when in reality it would be us, our body and physicality that changed. The proportionally enlarged elements in the works enable an adult to enter into this past experience that he otherwise can no longer relive.

“By allowing the imagination to wander through the crypts of memory, without realizing it, we recapture the bemused life of the tiniest burrows in the house, in the almost animal shelter of dreams..”

Gaston BACHELARD, The Poetics of Space, Paris 1958, p. 285

Reminiscences of Hiding: I

A hiding place/shelter serves as a physical, as well as a mental safe space. Throughout the time, when the physical space no longer exists, all that is left is the mental space- it's memory; in it, the line between the hiding place and the object we are hiding from gets blurred, and fear can move in. The sound gives the space an unsettling feeling and highlights the contradictory nature of a hiding spot. The distorted sound invites the audience to listen and try to understand the message, but the voices remain incomprehensible, as many situations and problems are to a child. Similarly, a child's drawing is non-figurative and hard to read for an adult. The relationship between the sound and the drawing is in contrast, but at the same time, these two opposites are connected precisely in that they are both unintelligible from the time perspective of one another.

Reminiscences of Hiding: II

Reminiscences of Hiding is a series of objects/spatial installations I started developing in 2019 and so far realized two different works (Reminiscences of Hiding: I and II). Each work in the series has the same basis. They are inspired by the hiding places we used to create or find as children in home environments. Enlargement in the 1:1,7 proportion (child:adult) as a tool to give an adult the possibility to experience something that is physically not possible anymore. The collaboration with children from ages 2-4 that participate in the projects (in a form of workshops). The same distorted sound recording is incorporated/used in each work.

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